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The Population of Texas is Exploding. Why?

About 14% of U.S. citizens migrate from one state to another each year, and for the past several years, Texas has been one of their most favored destinations. Last year, the two fastest growing population centers in the U.S. were … Continue reading

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What is a FICO Score and Why Does it Matter?

FICO is the credit score used by banks to determine whether they’ll grant you a mortgage loan and if so, what interest rate you’ll pay on that loan. FICO is just one type of credit scoring. Insurance companies and others … Continue reading

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2018 Mortgage Advice Not Valid for All Borrowers Today

Looking for advice about getting a home mortgage loan in 2019? Don’t ask someone who got a loan 10 years ago – or even last year. Advice that was valid then might not be right for you today. As the … Continue reading

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