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Your “Gifted” down payment – not as simple as it sounds

Are your parents willing and able to provide the money for a down payment on your first home as an outright gift? Good for them, and good for you! Since gifted down payments do come with some rules and regulations, … Continue reading

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If your mortgage payment is dominating your life and your thoughts…

  It’s time to reduce it! When you obligated yourself to that monthly payment it fit nicely into your budget. But then… Things happened. Perhaps it was a job loss or even just a reduction in hours. Perhaps it was … Continue reading

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Your home mortgage lender just might be your best friend

Of all the misconceptions that people have about lenders, the idea that they keep a tight hold on the home mortgage purse strings and don’t ever want to ever loosen them is the silliest. Of course they want to lend … Continue reading

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