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7 surprising traits of the mega-wealthy

    Would you like to attain a high net worth? Of course – who doesn’t? Adopt these 7 habits and watch your wealth grow. Proceed slowly – there is no such thing as “Get rich quick.” The very wealthy … Continue reading

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Should YOU Apply for a Mortgage On Line?

  A recent article on stated that one survey found that 64% of millennial mortgage applicants prefer to apply for their mortgages on line. even offered up some reasons why potential borrowers might want to apply on line. … Continue reading

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Caution – Don’t Let Yourself Become House-Poor

What is “house poor?” It’s that uncomfortable state of being in which you’ve purchased “more house” than you can comfortably afford. It’s that state that prevents you from taking a vacation, going to a concert, eating out, or even eating … Continue reading

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Home ownership and the new tax law

With so many people talking, it’s hard for any of us to figure out what the new tax law will mean to us. Thankfully, folks at the National Association of Realtors examined the actual documents to see how the changes … Continue reading

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