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Closing Your Home Loan with Gift Funds

Gift funds are the path to home ownership for many today. They may constitute part or all of the down payment, the closing costs, and/or the financial reserves. In fact, most borrowers purchasing a one to four unit principle residence … Continue reading

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When You Want a Home Loan – You DO Have to Share Your Bank Statements

More than one borrower has told us: “I Don’t WANT to show my complete bank statement. How I spend my money is my private business.” We understand. But we don’t make the rules, and the banks do have reasons for … Continue reading

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Health Insurance – Your Credit Scores – and some good news

With all the talk about health care and insurance these days, few people mention the ways in which insurance companies pad their profits and just how destructive their practices are to American consumers’ credit scores. How do they pad their … Continue reading

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Inquiring (Banking) Minds Want to Know – Where did you get that money?

  They want to know, and if you want the loan you have to tell them – then prove it. Remember the Patriot Act? It added a second layer of caution and curiosity to banks’ inquiries into where you got … Continue reading

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Nationwide: Interest Rates Still Down / Loan Fees Rising

CNN Money recently reported that nationwide, loan fees are up 6% over this time last year. The average cost of closing on a $200,000 loan is now at $2,539. And that doesn’t include prepaid items such as taxes and homeowners … Continue reading

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Aug. 6th Mtg. Rate Sheet

Purchase & Refinance Mortgage Rates …….    All Loans close on-time and within 30 Days or less.   Check out our Jumbo Rates! 4.25% on a 30yr Fixed   Refinance Rates & Purchase Rates could be lower… have your clients … Continue reading

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