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Refinancing can be a wise financial move – perhaps

  Just because you missed the rock-bottom interest rates doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a refinance. Rates are still historically low, so you can potentially put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket each month. But… you need to be … Continue reading

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How to Pay Off your Mortgage Early!

  If you’re like two-thirds of American homeowners, you got a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of your home. For many, it’s a 30-year commitment. Wouldn’t you love to reduce that to 20 years – or even 15 years? … Continue reading

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Construction Home Loans Made Easy

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Why Build a Custom Home?

Yes, you should consider building a custom home Nearly every day a would-be homeowner calls with the same complaint: They’re being out-bid on homes already on the ground, display homes for sale aren’t of interest to them and the home … Continue reading

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