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Is a Return to Boom and Bust in Our Future?

After three decades of boom and bust in the economy, wouldn’t you think that the Fed would quit trying to manipulate things and just let the free market bring some balance back? Nope, they’re not doing it. They still believe … Continue reading

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When Your Real Estate Buyer Says “I’m pre-qualified…”

Do you know what it means when a real estate buyer is “Pre-qualified?” It doesn’t mean a thing. To become pre-qualified, a buyer simply gets on the phone with a loan officer and tells his or her story. The loan … Continue reading

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Texas Home Shortage

In Texas and across the U.S. the real estate market has turned upside down. Now, instead of “everything” being for sale, hardly anything is available, especially for entry and mid-level home buyers. Our inventory is down 26% from the spring … Continue reading

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