Should you sell your Texas home, or stay and remodel?


Should you sell your Texas home, or stay and remodel?

If you’ve lived in your Texas home for a number of years and have lately become dissatisfied with it, you may be trying to make that decision. For many homeowners it isn’t an easy one. After all, you’ve made memories in that home.

If you answer “Yes” to these questions, it’s time to sell:

  • Have your children grown up and gone on their own – leaving you with “leftover” rooms for which you have no use?
  • Is the yard too large and difficult to maintain?
  • Is there NO yard – and you’re longing to become a gardener?
  • Are you longing to live in a community with a pool, tennis courts, a golf course, and a club house?
  • Has the neighborhood changed in recent years, so you no longer enjoy your neighbors?
  • Is the house too small – because you need an office or want a workshop or exercise room?
  • Would it cost more than the house is worth to remodel and make the changes you’d like?
  • If you love the neighborhood, but the house no longer fills your needs – are there other, more suitable homes for sale nearby?
  • Is there some other city in which you’d rather be living? You may be due for a change of climate – or simply wish you lived closer to other family members.
  • Would moving mean employment you’d enjoy more than your current position?

When you should stay:

  • You love the neighborhood and enjoy the neighbors – and there are no homes for sale that would suit you better than the one you own.
  • You need to remain in the neighborhood due to your employment or your children’s schools.
  • You can envision how much you’d love the house if you remodeled the bathroom or the kitchen, repainted inside and out, or installed new flooring. You will want to find out the cost of remodelling a bathroom before you start. You’d love the house again if you could just knock out that one wall.
  • You’d love the house again if you installed new, bigger windows to let the sunshine in.
  • You have room to build an addition that would bring the house back to “just right.”
  • Your mortgage is nearly paid off.

Whatever your plans, Mike Clover Group can help.

If you’d like to move, we’ll be glad to get you pre-approved so you know that once your current home is sold you will be able to purchase another.

If you want to stay and remodel, we’ll help you with a home equity loan or with a construction loan and a refinance when the work is complete.

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