Insecurity a good reason to stop renting and buy a Texas home in 2014


Insecurity a good reason to stop renting and buy a Texas home in 2014

If you’re renting your Texas residence, you know that your home is not your own. Your rental agreement specified certain things you may not do.

For instance, you can’t paint the living room or put a nail in the wall to hang a picture. You also can’t hang a utility cabinet over the washer to hold your cleaning supplies. And why would you want to? You’d be foolish to spend money making the house nicer or more convenient, because it isn’t yours.

You can’t let your out-of-work brother move in for a few months because your lease specifies how many people will be living in the house or apartment. If you own a boat or a motorhome, you may have to pay to garage it somewhere else.

You probably can’t hang a basketball hoop or set up a trampoline or an above-ground pool. Don’t even think about wanting to build a fence.

You may or may not be permitted to own a dog or a cat – or to plant a garden in the back yard. And if you’re living in a multi-family unit, you probably have to agree to observe “quiet hours” after a certain time in the evening.

At the same time, your neighbors may not observe those rules, so you may be subjected to loud music, family fights, or children running back and forth over your head.

To make matters worse, as a tenant you have to live with insecurity. You may have a lease that says you have a right to stay for a year or even longer. But what if your landlord is behind on the payments? If “your” home is suddenly in repossession, what then?

And when your lease is up you not only have to worry about a rent increase, you have to wonder whether you’ll be permitted to stay. What if the landlord’s children need a place? Or what if he or she has sold the property and the new owner wants you out? You have no guarantee that you’ll still be living there a year when your lease is up.

The fact is, when your home isn’t really yours, you live with:

  • Other people’s rules
  • Insecurity.

When you own a home, you can put down roots…

When you own your home you’ll make improvements that reflect your personality and your lifestyle. As years go by you can remodel rooms to suit your own tastes. Space and zoning regulations permitting, you can even build an addition to accommodate a growing family or to provide space for an office or a hobby room.

You’ll have the option to plant a tree and watch it grow. You can build a fence and watch your children and your pets playing and growing alongside that tree. You’ll get to know the neighbors and the neighborhood – and you’ll truly belong somewhere.

The home will become truly yours, especially as you build memories within its walls.

2014 is a great time to become a Texas homeowner – for both financial and personal reasons. And… you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can live in a home that’s as nice or even nicer than your rental – for a smaller monthly outlay.

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