7 Reasons to Choose an Independent Texas Mortgage Banker over a Big Bank


When shopping for a new home, one of your first steps should be to become pre-approved for your home loan.

Where should you go for that pre-approval? And where should you go for the actual mortgage loan?

To a small, independent Texas banker.

Here’s why:

1. Personal service. We’ll treat you like the real person you are – not like a number who needs to fit into a pre-determined square peg or round hole.

If we can’t get you a good loan until you make some improvements in your credit report, we’ll go over that report with you and counsel you on how to make those improvements.

Big bank employees are too uninvolved for that. If you don’t qualify immediately, their attitude is “next.”

2. More and better loan options. We have the ability to place your mortgage loan with any one of a large variety of banks offering different mortgage loan options. Once we understand your individual situation, we work hard to find the right program for you.

Your “Big bank” loan officer will see if you fit any of their bank’s loan programs. They won’t ever tell you that you could get lower fees and/or interest rates with a different bank.

3. Less red tape. Our loan processes are much more streamlined, so you’ll encounter less red tape and get your mortgage loan closed sooner.

The big bank doesn’t care how much red tape you encounter – and the loan officers don’t care if your loan closes on time – or at all.
4. Faster, better communication. If we come up against a problem that needs to be handled right away, or if we learn the underwriter requires yet another document, we’ll contact you right away.

That big bank employee will put it on the stack and “get to it when they get to it.”

5. Our income is tied to your success. Like your real estate agent, we don’t get paid unless you get a loan. That means we’ll help you present your financial situation in the best possible light, and we’ll go to bat for you.

Contrast this to a bank employee who takes home a paycheck whether or not you get a loan.

6. Our ongoing success is tied to pleasing you. Our success relies heavily on repeat customers and referrals from satisfied customers. It is in our best interests for you to be pleased with our service.

Big bank employees don’t care if you come back or not. They know that their employer is “too big to fail” – and it’s really no skin off their noses if the bank loses money.

7. You support Texas business. When you do business with your Texas Mortgage Banker, you’re helping to sustain jobs and keep the money in your own state. Most Big banks underwrite out of state or send out to centralized underwriting hubs in other states. We underwrite in-house.

And isn’t that something we all want to do these days?

Mike Clover
Mortgage Banker

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